Google Analytics

Google Analytics












•   Where is my audience based geographically? Audience > Geo > Location (Country/Territory)

•   How can I see which browsers and devices people view my website on?


Audience > Technology > Browser & OS Audience > Mobile > Devices


To see usage by browser version, drill-down into a specific browser or use a secondary dimension.


•   How often are users returning to my site? Audience > Behavior > Frequency & Recency Audience > Behavior > Frequency & Recency > Days


Since Last Session











•   Where are my users coming from? Acquisition > All Traffic

•   Which sites are referring traffic to my site? Acquisition > All Referrals


•   Which channels convert better? Acquisition > Channels

Pay special attention to the Conversions column in the right hand side of this report.

•   How are my campaigns performing? Acquisition > Campaigns

This report includes both AdWords and custom campaigns.

•   How are our Social efforts performing? Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals

Acquisition > Social > Conversions
















•   What is my most popular content? Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

•   Where can I found how users are navigating to and away from a specific page?


Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

•   Where can I see how my landing pages are performing? Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

Pay special attention to Bounce Rate to help identify Landing Pages that may not match the user’s intent.

•   Where can I find how my event tracking is performing? Behavior > Events > Top Events

To get further insight drill down into the event categories and actions.

•   What are users searching for on my site? Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms

This report is useful for uncovering what is important to users and what they might be having a hard time trying to find on your site.









•    What is the conversion rate? Conversions > Goals > Overview

To get further insight, view conversion rate by other dimensions such as medium, landing page, and more.

•    What products are people purchasing?


Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance


•    During conversion, where are people exiting the funnel? Conversions > Goals > Funnel Visualization







•   User Type: New or returning visitor


•   Session Count: The number of sessions on your site for a user


Platform or Device


•   Browser: The names of browsers used by users to your website


•   Bowser Version: The browser versions used by users to your website


•   Operating System: The operating system used by your users


•   Operating System Version: The version of the operating system used by your user



•   Transaction ID: The transaction ID associated with a purchase


•   Product SKU: The product sku for a purchased item


•   Product: The product name for purchased items


•   Category: Any product variations (size, color) for purchased items

Goal Conversions


•   Goal Completion Location: The page path that matched any destination type goal completion

Traffic Sources


•   Source:

The source of referrals to your property


•   Medium:

The type of referrals to  your property


•   Campaign:

The value of the utm_campaign parameter on manually tagged links. When using AdWords auto-tagging, the name assigned to the campaign


•   Social Network:

Name of the social network that brought the user to your site


Event Tracking


•   Category: The category of the event


•   Action: The action of the event


•   Label: The label of the event


Page Tracking


•   Landing Page: The first page of a user’s session


•   Exit Page: The last page in a user’s session


•   Page Depth: The number of pages visited by users during a session



Page Tracking


•   Hostname: The hostname from which the tracking request was made


•   Page: The path for a page on your site


•   Page Title: The title of a page










•   Users: Total number of users to your site for the requested time period


•   New Users: The number of users whose session on your site was marked as a first-time session


•   % New Sessions: The percentage of sessions by people who had never visited your site before







•   Goal Completions: The total number of unique events across all categories


•   Goal XX Completions: The total number of completions for the requested goal number



•   Transactions: The total number of transactions


•   Revenue: The total sale revenue provided in the transaction excluding shipping and tax


•   Average Order Value: The average revenue for an ecommerce transaction


•   Shipping: The total cost of shipping


•   Tax: The total amount of tax


•   Quantity: The total number of items purchased


•   Average Price: The average revenue per item


•   Product Revenue: Product revenue in local currency




Page Tracking


•   Entrances: The number of entrances to your site measured as the first pageview in a session


•   Pageviews: The total number of pageviews for your site


•   Unique Pageviews: The number of different (unique) pages within a session


•   Avg. Time on Page: The average amount of time users spent viewing a page or a set of pages


•   Exits Rate: The number of exits for a page divided by the total number of pageviews





Event Tracking


•   Total Events: The total number of events across all categories


•    Unique Events: The total number of unique events across all categories


•   Event Value: The total value of events


•   Avg. Value: The average value of an event



•   Goal Conversion Rate: The percentage of sessions which resulted in a conversion to at least one of your goals


•   Goal XX Conversion Rate: The percentage of sessions which resulted in a conversion to the requested goal number



•   Sessions: The total number of sessions


•   Bounces: The total number of single page sessions on your site


•   Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page sessions


•   Session Duration: The total duration of user sessions represented in total seconds