Web Development Trends In 2018

Web developers are always busy trying to get an edge over their competitors when it comes to the utility of technology. They’re harnessing new frameworks, techniques, and tools to enhance their ability of developing more engaging and robust sites. Plus, with the advent of personalized devices like Smartphone’s, the web is getting more and more integral in our lives. We are using the web for nearly everything from shopping to banking to watching the news. The following web development trends will be the highlight of 2018

Web Development Trends

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is completing our lives. Most of the AI developments have been intended to make consumer processes smoother and easier. AI is more affordable, faster, and more practical evolving than ever! The developments at Wikipedia and Google are just the instances to show. The reason behind the growth of AI development is cloud computing and access to more data. Cloud computing has become more efficient and available than before, which offers power to companies and people to innovate with it. Researchers can access more data that means people can learn more new things in the AI field faster and efficiently.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet is no longer limited to just computers and mobile phones, it’s moving to our household appliances as well. Using apps on our Smartphone’s now, we can remotely turn on our heating equipment, switch on the light bulbs, and even process food well before getting home,  Because of this, web developers are likely to develop applications that use, analyze, and display the devices’ data in order to communicate with IoT devices.

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Static Website Generators

Static website generation is increasingly becoming a significant part of web developer’s toolkit. These generators are very handy, as they create websites from plain text, usually stored in files rather than databases. They are benefiting the developers in terms of security, speed, ease of deployment, and handling of traffic.

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JavaScript in 2018

JavaScript is already in news due to its vibrant ecosystem of frameworks, technologies, and libraries. There are many fundamentals of JavaScript that developers need to grasp, such as ES6, Builtin methods, Closures, Functions and pure Functions, Promises, Classes, Callbacks, RAIL, Node and Express, etc.

Angular 2 And Beyond

This year saw the release of Angular 2, which came with plenty of changes. Such include Google’s JavaScript framework that was redesigned completely. The new Angular takes advantage of the features if JavaScript ES6 and the applications are written in TypeScript that allows for a more component is driven architecture. The company also cites in this post that Angular now has a more flexible release schedule and that one major update, as well as three minor updates, should be expected every six months. It is safe, therefore, to say that 2018 will see many changes in this framework.

GIFs and Cinematography

The cinema graphs are making a significant impact in terms of getting higher user engagement, which is why there is a wider adoption of this trend. The human brain tends to engage more with visual information and cinema graphs do exactly that. A creative video capture’s visitor’s attentions more than a still photograph.

At the same time using cinema graph doesn’t weigh down the website load speed. The Graphical Interchange Format (GIFs), on the other hand, enables the developers to tell a story in far more effective way than could be with a still image. So, 2018 will see an increasing use of GIFs and cinematography.

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