ICE workshops

ICE Workshop will provide opportunity to learn effective and proven techniques for career success of Students. ICE Workshop in coimbatore is Gamified and activity based workshop. Students will learn about Goal Setting, Planning, Working and Measuring techniques for career and entrepreneurship development.

Topics includes Online Profile creation, reputation Management, Opportunity creation techniques using Blogging, Professional Networking and Social Media,  Bulk mailing Resume, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Startup and VC Introduction,  Performance Monitoring and measuring techniques.

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • Engineering Students
  • Arts and Science College Students
  • Management Students
  • Fresher and Job Seekers

Key Results of the Workshop

  • Realizing dream and Setting Goal
  • Create Strategic Plan for career development
  • Preparing to be a good global citizen
  • Kindling Innovation and creativity for entrepreneurship.
  • Web Design skills for presenting their online profile.
  • Managing Online Reputation
  • Skills to develop professional network
  • Resources to realize their ideas and  dreams.

Session 1 -  Motivation Session (45 min)
- Ice Breaking
- Simple Secret for Business Success
- Setting Business Goals
- SWOT Analysis
- Communication Skills

Session 2 -  Career Session (45 min)
- Search Techniques sourcing Opportunities
- Blogging Introduction
- Skill Development Resources
- Creating Online Resumes
- Professional Networking
- Video Resume
- Building Online Profile
- Building Database of your Employers
- Reaching your Employer
15 min  Tea Break

Session 3 -   Entrepreneur Session (45 min)
- What is Entrepreneurship
- Job Vs Entrepreneurship
- Entrepreneurial Inspiration
- Risk Vs Rewards
- Skills and Quality of Entrepreneurs
- How to Start?
- How to build your Team?
- Resources for Funding your Ideas.
- Resources for Marketing
- Managing your Performance

Session 4 

- One to one Interaction
-  Networking
-  Feedback