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Web designing is an art of covering the entire look and feel of a website and its structure. It is the planning and building of web pages on the World Wide Web and presenting it to the audience, i.e., the viewers. Maximum online presence is the ultimate goal of any web design! Designing is everything to do with Web! Here, at Web Designing Training Course, we offer fast-track courses; Professional Courses & Career based advanced training courses in the field of web design. Web design training helps in creating your own websites, editing and modifying it for an ultimate reader-experience. With the help of WP CMS, you can build any kind of website and publish it with customize themes, images, graphics, posts, and all sorts of media by the use of built-in Plug-in and other resources. We have gained years of expertise in training and placement, as we offer a variety of web designing course that help aspirants to redefine their career!

Our Web Designing Course in Coimbatore is offered by industry experts who have real time experience in Web Design! This course of study will help you start your career in IT. You can create your own part time or full time job and earn huge revenue by getting trained from Web Designing Training Course as we are no.1 recommended web design institute in Coimbatore for the best fees and job support.

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OPEN SOURCE WEB DESIGN WORKSHOP Web Designing skills are essential for Web Designing  Jobs, Digital Marketing Jobs and Web Development Jobs.  Learning about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic editing software are essential to become web designer.  We offer crisp, practical, job oriented Web Design Training.

In simple, web designing is the process of planning, creating and modifying websites by collecting innovative ideas and arranging them aesthetically. Presenting the creative content on electronic web pages which the end-user can access it via web browsers will form the concept of website design.

Every brand in the market requires a strong online presence to maximize their exposure globally all around the world which can be achieved through website design. Web designers have a promising career option in the IT industry as the future is only on the web.

Internet has become an absolute part of day to day life for all businesses and the experts with website designing skills are in great demand. In order to produce design layout with tremendous designs, website creation training is very essential.

Our web design training institute in Coimbatore offers affordable courses that help the aspirants to gain deep knowledge about the latest trends and techniques involved on the web designing field and learn the best practices to mark their signature on the web.


 Who can Attend

  • Corporates, SMEs, Educational institutions  and other organizations who want to manage their website on their own.
  • College Students and Job seekers who seeks career in programming, design or digital marketing.
  • Marketing professionals and Designers  for career development.
  • Individuals who want to run home based Web Hosting Web Design business.

Eligibility & Course Duration:

You can take this course only with having basic programming knowledge or we can clear that up for you. The total duration for the course is 12 weeks (5 days a week x 2 hours daily)

Course Duration: 20 hours

Training Modes :

  • 1 to 1 Practical
  • Classroom Lectures with Practical Lab for Groups/Corporate Training
  • Online Training


Part 1 -  Creating Website

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Learning about Web Server Space
  • Learning cPanel, FTP

Part 2 -  Publishing Website

  • HTML Tags
  • Creating website using Text Editor
  • Understanding Layouts
  • Table and Div Layouts
  • Cascade Style Sheet (CSS)
  • Styling HTML Tags
  • Classes and IDs
  • Javascript introduction
  • Javascript Frameworks Jquery and Bootstrap
  • Templates

Part 3- Open Source

  • WordPress
    • WordPress Installation
    • Posts and Pages
    • Using Media
    • User Management
    • Themes Installation and Configuration
    • Menu Management
    • Plugin Installation and Configuration
    • Site setting
    • User Manager
    •  Website Maintenance
      • Upgrading WordPress
      • Backup and Restoring Site
      • WordPress Security
      • Spam control
  • Blogging
  • E-Commerce
    • Shopping Cart Platform Overview
    • Prestashop, woocommerce, virtuemart, zencart, oscommerce
    • Opencart Versions
    • Opencart Installation
    • Products and Category
    • Store Settings
    • Geo zones
    • Currency and Payment
    • Shipping Methods
    • Tax
    • Themes Customization
    • User Management
    • Extensions
    • Integrating Payment Gateway

Part 4– Website Promotion

  • Search Engine Optimization Introduction
  • On page SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing Introduction

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Web designing Course Coimbatore.

The future scopes in web designing

What is web designing? Scope of web designing course – Web designing is not new for today’s world. It is an integral part of today’s IT industry. Web designing is the planing and creation of websites. Web designing deals with the process of developing a website. A web designer use images, text, html5, Responsive web design, CSS3, information architecture, colors, fonts and other interactive elements to produce a webpage. Web designers use markup language mostly HTML for creating structure and CSS for presentation. It refers to an art of presentation.

When we start choosing a career as a web designer, some questions comes in minds – like:

  • What is web designing?,
  • What are the future scopes in web designing?,
  • What actually one needs to do in web designing?,
  • What are the functions and responsibilities of web designer?,
  • What are the career prospects in web designing course?,
  • How it differs from other language careers?,
  • Web Designing In India – Scope And Future,
  • Career in Web Designing: Scope Jobs and Courses!,
  • what is web designing course fees,
  • web designing scope and salary,
  • Scope of web designing course

How you become a Web Designer?

After getting enough information about this field, you may be wondering how “I can become a web designer”. To answer all your doubts here is the answer: there are various short term courses that one can pursue in order to become a web designer; these courses can range from 6 months to one year.

In these courses you will be learning about the basic of web designing and online business, the subjects and languages you will learn in this course include HTML, CSS, Php, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Word press, Joomla, and Magneto.

Career and Jobs in Web Designing:

After completing your web designing course, you can work in a web designing company or you can work as a freelancer. There are thousands of companies that hire web developer for their front end and back end web development projects. Also you can work independently as a web designer and setup your own enterprise. The major career fields in this field include:

Front end developer: The front end developer generally works at client side dealing with the web page design, graphics that is accessible to the user.

Back end developer: The back end developer is a person who is responsible for the back end development that interacts with the server. This type of web developer specializes in the languages like Php, ruby, ASP.Net, Java, Cold Fusion, and Perl.

The job profiles for the web developer includes:

  • Front end web developer
  • Back end web developer
  • Web application developer
  • Design and layout analyst
  • UI Designer
  • Senior web analyst
  • Web marketing analyst
  • UX Principal
  • UX Consultant

To maintain old websites we also need of good web designers. As years will goes most of online sites down and new take place in the market, same with new and old web designers.

Web Designer Salary:

The salary of a web designer vary from company to company, if you are a fresher working in this field then you may get a starting salary of 10000 to 25000 per month. After some experience you can easily make anywhere between 25000 to 40000 per month. There are many professional web designers who earn a six figure income.

Eligibility and admission Procedure:

If you are looking to go for a web designing career, than you can pursue the course after class 12th. The admission to the various institutes is based on the first come first serve basis. If you are passionate about website and if you have creativity skills then this career will provide you lots of career opportunities.

Web designing is an important course which has lot of scopes in the present and also in future.

Website designing is an important part of IT industry. For web designing on needs to have a certificate of the same from a good institute. To be a good web designer you should have a complete knowledge of CSS and HTML. These are the basic requirements for designing a website. In today’s world of competition to be amongst at the top one needs media. Websites are playing a key role in today’s life. Whether we talk about shopping or engineering counselings all are made online. These are one of the major benefits which a common person has made with the use of websites.
Many jobs are available for web designers than before. Many big companies demand experienced and quality web designers.

Web designing is an important course which has lot of scopes in the present and also in future.

Two ways:

There are two ways to go through this course, one is part time or one is full time.
If you are full time interested in taking up full time web designer course then we can have carrier in media, or as advertising agents, or

If we are interested in other engineering or in commerce course but planning to develop the skill in web designing, then you can prefer part time of short course in web designing.

Scopes of Web designer

In software Industry : Many companies like Oracle, Wipro, Conizant, Satyam etc are recruiting the people for two things. One for internal things like maintaining their website and also for maintaining the web development activities from clients. All the clients and the partners will have their own webpage to get maintained, so the role of the web designer is necessary in almost all the companies. It need not be a software company, let’s take a Parma company, and to maintain their website we need web designer.

In media – Suppose if you had taken course in web designing a full time, then you can maintain a advertisement agency or can recruit a group of people and can start a web designing company

Education Industry This world is an animated world and the educating the students visually by using some animated designs have lot of advantages over educating the children in

What are the features scopes in web designing?

A well web design helps a company to raise queries that help to increases sales.in the internet world website act as an important tool that helps companies to locate their target and tapping their market.

In Information Technology: The Web design based on Information Technology helps companies to present their products to the customer to particular of the presented products at low cost.

An Indian web design firm has the best designers in the industry who are equipped in the domain expertise and have and have the experience of extending their services to the large number of domestic as well as international clienteles. While working with them you need not spend any huge amount. Just by spending a few dollars you can also make your site highly attractive thus compelling web visitors come to your site and stay there until you make good business with them.

Most of the companies wishing to create their own websites look for skills and a good creative web designers. Web designers include various roles and responsibility.

What actually one need to do in web designing?

  1. Simple websites generally has been made by two elements graphics and text. Get graphically oriented program which writes the HTML, CSS, Java.
  2. Use a simple text editor such as notepad which comes standard with the windows operating system and learn HTML. Artistic skills and creativity are required in web designing.

iii. Images can really make a websites. Few websites can go without image. You will likely find that you need to enhance the image and prepare them for use in website. There are number of images editing programs which will allows you to add various effects to your images as you prepare them for display on the web.

  1. As you create your website you need to test it in different browser to see how it will look on the web and to spot any error.
  2. Once your website is complete you need to put it somewhere so that people can view it on the web.

What are the functions and responsibilities of a web designer?

(i) Developing of a website is a big responsibility because content is the soul of a web page or a websites.

(ii) Responsibility in web design also includes the evaluation of technical design requirements as well as functional design requirements.

(iii) Good visual impacts and user friendly environment of website is always important for the owner of the websites. It is an important duty for a designer to apply current design techniques and trend.

(iv) Managing images and videos are also an important work for a designer.

Web Designing Course Syllabus:

Understanding the Basics of Web Designing

The basic role of a web designer entails one to employ several skill sets in the production and maintenance of Web Sites. To deliver appropriate quality, they would need to harness knowledge in the following areas:

  • Graphic design
    • Interface design
    • Authoring using standardized code and proprietary software
    • User experience design
    • Search engine optimization

While the above mentioned are merely enablers that help him or her bag the job the real skill set required to enable them to keep the job goes much deeper than this. It centers on the inherent need for a Web Designer to possess an aesthetic sense and an ability to empathize with the audience in order to deliver an enhanced web viewing experience through their designs.

Tools and Technologies

Technology is ever evolving. As a result, Web designs based on these technologies would also need to be redefined with every evolutionary phase. Nevertheless, there are several standard tools which would always be in demand by Web Designers. These include:

  • HTML and CSS
    • WYSWYG editors like Dreamweaver
    • Graphic Editors like Adobe Photoshop
    • Programming skills
    • Flash

What are the careers prospects in web designing course?

Web designing is an integral part of today’s IT industry. So the career opportunity is bright in this course. There are many blogs are publishing daily on the world of internet. Career in web designing is very secure and continuously growing option for all. Many websites are also there which provide web designing projects to the professionals with secure payment services.



If you have complete your web designing course or and having good understanding of skills then you may also start your career as a freelancer by completing web designing tasks on hourly or fixed price bases. When you work as freelancer there is no required of office or scheduled time, you can work with your comfort time. You can take projects from self visit to client’s office offline or take projects from online bidding sites like, UpWork, Elance, Freelancer or people per hour.


Yes, If you have good experience in this field, means you are not limited to doing job for whole life, you can starty your own web designing company by taking projects and hire your own team. Please don’t just open the company in initially day of your career or just after completing the course.

If you have to be successful, then first doing Job in same area and improve your skills those can solve any clients requirements and start side by side with taking small projects and if requirements increases then hire your team when work load increased.

Where to start your career as Web Designer?

first of all you have to choose best web designing institute for your training where you can get practical training with 100% job assistant. if you live in Coimbatore, Chennai or Bangalore, You can choose i7 Digital Academy – Web Education Academy in Bangalore, Coimbatore & Chennai. Where you can get best training in Web Designing.

Are you looking for creative web designers and web design Institute in Combatore, India? Call us at +91 8220979379 & get in touch with our team right away!


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