Digital Marketing in Travel And Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism industry today is one of the most affected industries by digital development. The travel and accommodation industry is one of the first ones to use digital marketing techniques in their practices to engage communities and make sure their clients have the best possible getaways.

To perform well and gain competitive benefits, players in the travel industry are always looking for the greatest and unique ways to reach their buyer persona and tailor their offering to their target audience.

Today, we all have desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices etc, and have easy access to information for all aspects of the tourist industry from accommodation, travel, to food and activities, effective digital marketing is the best way to reach a large audience in a quick way at a lower cost.

With the help of different digital marketing channels, more and more customers are being served online especially via tablet devices and smartphones. Travel online marketing can go viral for any given audience with the help of article, audio, email, and video.

1. Increased Number of Mobile Users

More than 78% of business travelers use a smartphone during the trip planning process and 67% of people do online research before making any decision relating to travel. This shows more and more people are accessing the internet via their phones and this makes it all the more important to have a responsive website.

In order to make the traveling process easy for the target audience, many travel professionals, hotel owners, and travel agents have turned to the digital marketing agency. The shift from traditional methods of planning to digital marketing strategies (for making reservations, purchases and booking online), more and more travel & related companies are leveraging digital marketing to quickly and effectively reach their target audience. Thus, easing the process of digital marketing for travel agency.

2. SEO Impacts Users’ Decision

For instance, if you search ‘Best Travel Package to Goa’, it is a natural tendency that we will click on the website that is at the search engine result page or SERP. Therefore, making sure your page rank at the top of SERP is an important objective. However, the Google algorithms that decide which website will rank on the SERP change every now and then which makes it crucial to continually optimize your website. Along with that, it is important not to plant the keywords in your website just like that to boost the SEO, instead, incorporate keywords into the text to enhance the relevance of your website content to users.

3. Social Media Replaces Traditional Communication

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is revolutionizing the travel and tourism industry. Social media marketing has already replaced a large section of the traditional communication. For example, if we are traveling somewhere, we have a tendency to look at the pictures, reviews written by people, and other Twitter or Vimeo posts.

With this, we have reached a new interactive era where travel industries can take advantage of social media networking tools to promote the business at low cost, attracting visitors and generate interest of public.


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