Effective Ways To Increase Your Blog/Website Traffic

It is very easy to create a blog but increasing traffic to such blog is very harder. To get success in your blog traffic it needs a hard work and full involvement on work. A good traffic to your blog leads to get better rankings in SEO. And it also helps you to earn more profit quickly.

Following Are The Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog/Website:

Quality Content

Write a unique and attractive article to your blog to increase the traffic blog easily. A quality matters than a quantity. Be sure that content is simple and it contains the catchy words to satisfy your readers. This may also help you to get higher page ranks.

Regular Updates

Always do regular updates on your blog. Make it as a hobby to do updates on regular intervals. The updating posts should not be a copied or scam content on your blog. This makes your visitors to look forward for new updates and increases the traffic.

Guest Posting

Select popular websites for guest posting. And be clear that the topic is relevant to the website. This helps your website to get more new visitors. Registering with bloggers community helps to have a good relationship with other blogger. It makes you to get unique guest posts on your blog.

Post Comments

Always used to post comments on other’s website. It helps your website to get a quality back links. Be sure that your comments are good and in positive manner. The comments can be based on author or about the blog. It also encourages the guest postings to your blog.


Create a Facebook page to your blog/site to attract more new visitors. It is the best way to increase your traffic for your website. Share your posts on facebook page to have more visitors and good traffic to your blog/site.


Create a twitter account for your site and try to tweet with some bloggers. This makes them to share the details of your website on their twitters account. Don’t forget to share all your post on your twitter account.


Google+ account is an important tool to increase your traffic blog. You can make more blogger friends with the help of Google+ account. Share all you posts on Google+ account to have new visitors to your blog.


Try to create attractive videos about your blog reviews and upload them on YouTube. This helps your site to get high quality links and good traffic to the blog.


Pinterest helps you to boost your traffic of blog with the help of countries like U.S and U.K. it will increase your profit from adsense marketing and SEO ranks.


Advertisement plays a major role to increase your blog traffic. An effective advertisement can be provided on many sources like online advertisement, newspapers, pamphlets etc.

Link Your Articles

Always link your current post with the previous one of your blog. It will help to increase the page views and high traffic to your blog.

Keyword Links

Keyword plays a major role to search your products and services on Google. And be sure that keyword simple and attractive. It should be a memorable one to have more visitors to your blog.


Obviously giveaways increase your traffic blog. Because many people likes to participate in such competitions. All participants will share your links in all social media accounts to win the giveaways. So it helps to increase your traffic and SEO page rank.

Email Marketing

An article which has been posted on your article should be mailed to your blogger friends. This creates a good impression among the bloggers and it helps you to have high traffic.


Interview some new bloggers, to create a new content for your blog/site. It also helps you to get contact with other blog owners so that you can ask them to share your posts on their blog. This makes their visitors to know about your blog.

Alt Tag

All your article images should be ALT TAG in a proper manner. It leads your blog to get more searchers and first page rank in SEO.


Try to give relevant and attractive images to your blog. When the images on blog are effective then it attracts many visitors. Because a good images will speaks a lot more than words.

Importance To Visitors

Giving importance to visitors may create higher satisfactions among them. It may also helps your webpage or site to get higher ranks in SEO and high traffic.

Directory Indexing

Submit your site on directories for indexing will help you to increase traffic. It also attracts more visitors to your site/blog.

Text Message

If you make any updates on your blog just do message to your friends and relatives to do view on such post of your blog. It makes them to visit your blog again and again.

If you follow all these steps then it will help and leads you to get better results and high traffic to your blog.

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