What are the strategies followed on Facebook Marketing?

Whether you sell in-person, online or through an app, you know what you’d like to do next as your business grows. Two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family, and to discover things that matter. Marketing on Facebook helps you find new customers and build lasting relationships with them.


A Facebook business page is one of the best ways to market your business.

You can identify your company’s products not only by showcasing the services and products on the page but also share links or images of posts on a customizable page so as to give an improved nous of business’s temperament and eccentric.

It is the best platform to cultivate your brand identity and display your mortal side.

You can post funny videos; humour travels fastest across the people.

People like light-hearted videos or images as they leave a longer impact on their minds. This humour could be mixed with a touch of education in the end or maybe updates about your products. Sriwebeo, a leading Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore Providing Facebook Marketing Services.

Strategies in Facebook Marketing


Facebook has its own marketplace of Ads. Businesses big and small can post their ads which feature in the centre of the mobile devices on Facebook and you can select the ad to feature in the side or the centre of the website for a PC or laptop screen. The ads feature a headline, an image and a link which connects to a Facebook app, a complete new website or Facebook page. Applying Facebook advertising into your Facebook promoting stratagem is a good way to grow website clicks. The capability to set budgets for ads. A Built-in ad enactment measuring tool. Demographic aiming by Facebook user data on education, age, location, and interests.


One can easily increase their fans and by holding sweepstakes and contests through Facebook. Remember that a contest cannot be held in Facebook directly. For instance you cannot directly ask for entries or ask the contestants to write answers in the comments.

Companies can use third-party apps to create contest and use their Facebook page app to direct the users from their Facebook page. There are many free and paid tools for some cool and interesting contests. Some of the examples of third party apps are Agorapulse, Fenix Apps, Gleam, Hisocial etc.

The internet is flooded with options for you. Holding contests and giving away prizes in the form of discounts in your stores or cash cards which can be utilized against some purchase of your products help in promotion of your company and increases its goodwill too.



This is a paid feature which you can use on Facebook and increase the reach of your posts. You can use this feature for an older post or a new post.

All you need to do is select “Boost Post” option on the bottom of the post which you want to promote and select the gender, location, age and interest of your targeted audience you can then see what amount you are willing to give towards the promotion, this will also reflect your number of audience which the post will cover.

Promotion of posts makes sure that your post reflects on the newsfeed of your fans and they are not swapped by other posts. It also gives you an opportunity of covering the friends of your fans too.


Sponsored stories are a kind of Facebook ad which displays a user’s interaction. For example a Facebook like, to the user’s friends. Sponsored stories look to profit from the word of mouth marketing concept. If a user notices at least three of his friends like a particular page, he is more motivated to pay attention. The motive of the sponsored stories is to make a user take the same action just like their friends.

Advertisers can select to show friends “likes” if they are looking for more likes, display friends who have taken this offer if a business wants to promote and get more users to take this offer.

Sponsored stories can get favored positioning which can be opted to appear in the news feed or at the right side of the page. They can be easily created through Facebook ad create flow.

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