How to Increase Trust Flow

What is trust flow?

trust flow

Trust flow is one of the majestic flow metrics designed to decide how reliable the link is. Based on the Quality of backlinks pointing to the site. High trust flow is the obvious sign of having expert content to Google and other search engines. If there are authoritative, trustworthy backlinks to a site, then the greater is the trust flow.

How to Increase Trust Flow quickly for any website:

  • Having dofollow links in a good Domain Authority website increases the trust flow.
  • Having backlinks in .gov and .edu will carry a more trust score of your website.
  • Internal Linking or inbound linking of your website also increases the trust flow and citation flow score.
  • Sharing the content of social media websites will increase the trust flow because social media sites have a higher domain authority score.
  • Guest blogging on the trustworthy website will raise the trust flow score if you can get a backlink from the guest post.
  • Participate actively in top notch forums which provides you dofollow links to your website. This will help you to increase both trust flow. Check out Complete list of Dofollow forums for more details.

How to increase flow metrics:

1.On-Page Trust Optimization

  • Link Out to Authority Sites
  • Privacy Policy, Terms
  • Bounces and Blocked Sites
  • References and Sources

2.Size Matters: How to Look Like a Big Brand

  • Branded Domains/Site Name
  • Thorough About Us Page
  • Active Social Media Accounts
  • Site Name=Keyword
  • Brand Name Anchor Text

3.Trustworthy Domain Info

  • Register your domain for 2+ Years
  • Make it public
  • Put whois info on your contact us page

4.Trusted Links

5.Google News Site Backlinks

Benefits of getting high Trust Flow backlinks

Trust flow has been confirmed to be one of the main ideal single metrics to measure website standard, presentation and significance in a way that can be linked to search engine ranking. In other words, actions that recovered your trust flow will also improve your search engine ranking, more reliably than action that better metrics like invalid PageRank or the Domain Authority.You can use trust flow to support you recover from a backlink penalty. Both trust flow & topical trust flow are vital here. Both, when low, mean the links are top doing nothing for you. At worst, they are actively damaging you. First, run your website through Majestic to obtain an analysis of your links. Second, find any link that is unrelated according to topical trust flow and any link that has a low sub-10. Third, follow a usual process of your selection for deleting those links.

Tips to Increase Trust Flow:

  • For doing this you should build backlinks manually and should not use any paid SEO services for building backlinks, because most of the backlink building services does not do properly what they promise to us. So it may harm our blog rankings.
  • If you build one backlink in High ranked site, then build one link in low authority site. Follow this trick constantly. It will give higher results.
  • Try to build High Authority backlinks through guest post, it will become as your blog’s permanent backlink. Because backlinks from profiles and comments can be removed at any time from the high authority sites. It will create unstable rank and traffic for your blog.
  • Get backlinks from Many Social media pages, it will make Google to believe, your blog as trustful site. Because most of the social media sites are highly trusted by Google. It will show positive signal to Google and improve Trust Flow ranking.
  • Often Check your Trust Flow ranking on Majestic site and check the improvements of your blog rankings.
  • Facebok is one of the most trusted and most used sites in the world, so it’s a given that your main site gets a link from Facebook. Whenever a business starts out, they always build a Facebook page and so should you.
  • Being owned by Google, creating a YouTube channel not only allows you to put 1 backlink on their, but up to 5 on the channel page. This is great to link to your website as well as other social media sites, such as the ones listed in this post.

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