The 3 different types of seo techniques and practices

To thrive in the online world, businesses have to create successful SEO campaigns that can bring their websites in front of their target audience. To do so, businesses use various SEO techniques and strategies that may or may not be effective. Here, we are going to discuss the three different types of SEO techniques: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO.

The 3 different types of seo techniques and practices

White Hat SEO

  • What Is White Hat SEO?

    White Hat SEO is a type of SEO technique that uses strategies that focus on organic rankings. They often employ the use of ethical backlinking, link building, valuable content creation, keyword research and keyword analysis.

    It is considered the safest way to boost your traffic because it follows the proper rules and strategies for Search Engine Optimization.

  • What are the Ethical Strategies Under White Hat SEO?

    Also, on top of making your website attractive to actual human visitors, you should also create a strategy that attracts the search engine crawlers. Learn how to think from the search engine’s perspective. Your links should also have crawlable structures. When adding images, make sure that these are optimized to ensure that your website won’t take too much time to load. If you are using keywords, they should be mapped out properly. The bottom line is to make your website alluring both for human users and search engine bots.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

The online marketing sphere is a dog-eat-dog world. Thus, some websites are tempted to resort to the unethical means of Search Engine Optimization, which is commonly called Black Hat SEO. It includes techniques that are aggressive in nature and are not devised chiefly for the human audience but for the search engine, which usually breaks the rules of the major search engines like Google. And since they are against the ethical guidelines, sites which make use of Black Hat strategies suffer from grave consequences, making their SEO success even harder to achieve.

Here are Black Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid if you want lasting SEO results that can give your site an enduring extent of perks.

  • Cloaking

    Cloaking is an SEO strategy wherein the content presented on a page is different from the content seen by search engine bots. Some examples include:

    – Displaying a page of HTML text to search engine crawlers but showing only a page of Flash or images to users.
    – Inserting keywords or texts into a page only if the user-agent that requests the page is a search engine spider and not an actual human user.

This tactic deceives search engines, and if caught, websites which use this black hat technique are bound to get penalized.

  • Hidden Text

    This includes putting illegible text right at the bottom of a page, making the textual content the same color as the page’s background, or formatting images or texts as links which are not visually detectable. You should only put texts that are intended to be read. Do contrast the text with your background color to make any content visible. If not, you will do more harm than good to your precious website.

  • Keyword Density

    There is a huge difference between keyword usage and keyword stuffing. It’s important to use keywords in your articles, but you should not use them too excessively. Instead of integrating the same keyword multiple times, try making use of a variety of related long-tail keywords instead.

Grey Hat SEO

What is Gray Hat SEO?

The Gray Hat SEO is a strategy involving a set of practices or techniques that are still considered illegal. But if you use this technique wisely, it can still yield an extent of effectiveness.  It is important that you have the in-depth idea of what Gray Hat is. Some people don’t usually use this technique because it often changes. Some techniques this year may be considered White or Black Hat a year after.

Techniques that you can use under Gray Hat

  • Social Media Automation and Buying Followers

    This technique refers to buying followers and likes in social media accounts. This is a good idea to build your brand reputation, especially for startups.  Many people usually consider buying followers, so they can boost their chances of eventually attracting more organic followers. However, the problem with this technique is that there is no immediate engagement happening between the account holder and its followers. It can also risk malware issues between the bots and the organic followers.

  • Buying Old Domains

    Some people also purchase old and expired domains.  Old domains are useful primarily if they have been used for SEO purposes before. When buying old domains, make sure that their old keywords are relevant to your campaign. You can also place several backlinks on the site. Make sure that they are visible to your audience. The contents should be new and must have a high-quality that is related to the campaign of the old site. Then, use AdWords on the content and use satellite SEO to ensure that your trust rank will go up.

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