What is Spam score? How to Manage Spam Score?

A spam score is a score given to an email by applying a set of rules. The higher the score, the higher is the likelihood for the message to be a spam.

Spam scores are used by anti spam software and solutions. The best known spam score is the score calculated by the open source solution Spam Assassin. It uses several hundreds of tests applied on header message and content. Negative or positive points are given for each test. Let’s see how sriwebeo solves spam score, leading Digital Marketing company.

what is spam score, how to manage spam score

According to configurations and scores, the message will be blocked or marked as ***Spam*** above the spam threshold. The Spam Assassin default spam score threshold is 5, but the threshold above which the email is classified as a spam message may be customized. what is spam, how to manage spam

Potential use cases for Spam Analysis

This list probably isn’t exhaustive, but these are a few of the ways we’ve been playing around with the data:

1. Checking for spammy links to your own site: Almost every site has at least a few bad links pointing to it, but it’s been hard to know how much or how many potentially harmful links you might have until now. Run a quick spam analysis and see if there’s enough there to cause concern.

2. Evaluating potential links: This is a big one where we think Spam Score can be helpful. It’s not going to catch every potentially bad link, and you should certainly still use your brain for evaluation too, but as you’re scanning a list of link opportunities or surfing to various sites, having the ability to see if they fire a lot of flags is a great warning sign.

3. Link cleanup: Link cleanup projects can be messy, involved, precarious, and massively tedious. Spam Score might not catch everything, but sorting links by it can be hugely helpful in identifying potentially nasty stuff, and filtering out the more probably clean links.

4. Disavow Files: Again, because Spam Score won’t perfectly catch everything, you will likely need to do some additional work here (especially if the site you’re working on has done some link buying on more generally trustworthy domains), but it can save you a heap of time evaluating and listing the worst and most obvious junk.

WARNING: Please do not export this file and simply upload it to Google! You can really, really hurt your site’s ranking and there may be no way to recover. Instead, carefully sort through the links therein and make sure you really do want to disavow what’s in there. You can easily remove/edit the file to take out links you feel are not spam.

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